Sports Rehabilitation & Training

Manual Therapies + Functional Exercises = Restoring Body Functions

Performance Integration is specialized for sports rehabilitation and training. We assist you in accomplishing your health and fitness goals by utilizing manual therapy and functional exercises.

Including goals related to:

①Reducing pain in any musculoskeltal system such as, shoulders, lower back, and knees.
Our primary focus is treating cause of pain. We do not only treat symptoms. Don’t you feel like “this is what it is” about pain or discomfort that you have had for long time?

②Returning to sports following injuries or surgeries.
We restore discomfort and dysfunction of the body after injuries or surgeries. Don’t you move that you used to move?

③Enhancing athletic performance by correcting muscle imbalance and increasing stability and mobility of the body.
We improve movement patterns by restoring muscle functions which correct improper body position. Don’t you want to improve your performance?

PI’s Concept

Everyone has different goals for health and fitness, from simply living a pain free life, to returning a sport from a surgery or competing in sports at a higher level. We provide personalized wellness plans to help you meet those goals.

Each body part is connected and interdependent. When some areas of the body have dysfunction such as weakness, tightness or injury, other areas of the body have to overwork to compensate for that dysfunction. This leads to pain and further injury, which will keep coming back unless we treat the original dysfunction. At Performance Integration, we treat not only the symptoms but identify and treat the cause of the symptoms. This approach ensures the body maintains optimum balance, minimizes pain and prevents injuries.

Having structural and functional body balance is the foundation to achieving your goals. Without good and solid foundations, you will not be able to maximize performance. We take a holistic approach: assessing your body imbalance, optimizing body balance and restoring normal body function to improve your performance. We establish these foundations with manual therapies and functional exercises.