Let’s respect others

Dwayne Wade was disrespectful and immature about this matter. I was disappointed on him. If a Canadian player, such as Steve Nash, would do same thing during American national anthems, what would American people feel or react? His comment is just ignorant and shows his selfishness. It was not the first time that Canadian anthems was played there. If you didn’t know the time line and the anthems started, just stop whatever you were doing regardless it was your ritual. 

Surprisingly, coaches, teammates or people around him did not tell him to stop it. Just let the superstar do whatever he wanted to do. There was no moral. 

You might not care other countries’ national anthems, but it does not mean you can do whatever you want to do. Think about other people’s feeling by your behaviors. Do you want people do same thing as he did while your national anthems was playing? I bet you don’t. Then, don’t do it to others.

I am not from here, but I become quiet to show my respect while American national anthem is played because I know that it is important for American people.

“You’re always sensitive to anything throughout the world. I’m not thinking about nothing like that. I’m thinking about what I need to do before every game that I prepare for and have been doing my whole career. I understand whatever’s said from that standpoint, but I’m not a disrespectful person. If anybody thinks I’m being disrespectful to their country, then they have no idea who Dwyane Wade is.
“No disrespect from myself or Amar’e [Stoudemire, who was rebounding for Wade] or anybody. If anybody feels like it was, please don’t fill up my timeline with disrespectful comments, because that’s not this guy right here. Find somebody else with that.”
“People see video footage of what they want to see. I have a ritual where I come off the bench and going into the anthem line I’ll have a layup or dunk and then make a shot. Here, we always make sure we come out and give thanks to our troops first, then we do our anthem as well. It’s just a ritual. It’s something different when we’re playing Canada here at home and the clock starts at a different time.”

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