2016 NBA Finals Begins Tonight


Photo: NBA TV

2016 NBA Finals starts tonight. The card is same as last year: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Worriers. This will be interesting re-match. 

The last year’s finals went Game 6 and GSW won the title. Cavs suffered from injuries, and lost Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. Irving had a fracture of patella and Love had a shoulder dislocation. 

GSW had a NBA history record winning 73 games during this year’s regular season. The regular season MVP Stephen Curry had MCL sprain and missed for about 2 weeks. Cavs has been looked good during this playoffs. Cavs swept 1st round and 2nd round, and lost 2 games at the conference finals. Cavs also seems much healthier than last year. 

They played twice during the regular season. GSW swept the series: Dec 25 at GSW: Worriers 89 – 83 Cavs, Jan 18 at CLE: Worriers 132 – 98 Cavs.

GSW looks for the back to back title and Cavs looks for the first title in the franchise history. I am excited to watch the series. Who are you rooting for? 

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