PRI Myokinematic Restoration, Duluth, MN

2016.05 Myokinematic restorationphoto: Postural Restoration Institute

I attended PRI Myokinematic Restoration course in Duluth, MN. This was my first time to attend to Myokinematic Restoration course in live. I took the course a few years ago as a home study course. It was great course to me to review the information. 

The course was well updated, and it helped me to deeply understand the concept. The textbook was also updated and was added very useful information. I liked a lot those new pages.  

The instructors were James Anderson, PT, PRC and Jesse Ham, PT, PRC. They were very good instructors. This was my third time to take James’ course this year: PRI Integration for Fitness & Movement, Postural Respiration and this course. His knowledge and experience with PRI were exceptional. I liked the lab sections, too. They closely instructed how to cue patients and what to look at patients’  compensations with exercises. It helped me a lot. 

I learned a lot from the course. I will be able to help my patients with what I learned this weekend. 

Performance Integration is a Postural Restoration Center, and utilizes PRI principle. I am a certified practitioner as PRT. Please call us to 312.841.9445 if you are interested in PRI for your therapy and rehabilitation. 

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