I Attend PRI Pelvis Restoration Course in Chicago


I attended PRI Pelvis Restoration course in Chicago this weekend. This was my second time to take the course. I had taken Pelvis Restoration as a home study course a few years ago. It was great to take a live course that was taught by Jennifer Poulin, PT, PRC. This was my first time to take her lecture. She was a great instructor like other PRI instructors. They have great knowledge and experience with PRI, and she was no exception. Her lecture was easy to follow, and she clearly explained the concept. 

We learned about the pelvic inlet and outlet of L AIC, PEC and Patho PEC patterns. This course is about frontal plane. We discussed a lot about PEC. Other causes of PRI do not discuss a lot about PEC. Since I personally had seen a lot of PEC patients, this course helped me to have better understanding about the pattern. I assumed that many clinicians often saw PEC patients. This course is good to learn about PEC pattern. 

I have kept taking PRI courses even after becoming a PRT.  Every time when I take PRI course, I learn more about it, and my comprehension gets better. PRI concept has helped a lot of my patients to get better. I am looking forward to helping more my patients with PRI concept.

Performance Integration is a Postural Restoration Center, and utilizes PRI principle. I am a certified practitioner as PRT. Please call us to 312.841.9445 if you are interested in PRI for your therapy and rehabilitation. 

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