Teikyo University


While I was visiting to Japan last month, I visited a couple of universities and a training facility that my colleagues work. It was great opportunities for me to observe these great  facilities in Japan. I would like to introduce these places on the blog. Today, I introduce Teikyo University Sports Performance Center.


Sports Performance Center


Teikyo University Sports Performance Center is located in the West part of Tokyo. The facility has a weight training room, an athletic training room, biomechanics / exercise physiology lab and more. Motion analysis cameras are equipped In the Lab.


Athletic Training


My friend Yasu Okawa, ATC is one of the seven full time athletic trainers at the university. Two of them are ATC. The full time athletic trainers and athletic training students provide medical support to the teams on the campus.


The best team


The rugby team has won the national titles this past 3 years and look for the fourth straight title for this year. The athletes on the team were training when I visited the facility. The cheerleading team is also one of the top program in the nation. The team also does strength training at this facility.


Ideal Environment 

It is not very common for a university in Japan to have seven full time athletic trainers. Their system of the athletic training is very similar to the one in the college athletics in the US.  The full time athletic trainers cover the practices and games. Their support system will be a good model for other universities.


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