What You should do Under Lightning Weather While Playing Sports


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Approximately 25 million lighting flashes strike the ground in the US each year. From 2006 to 2013, 261 people were killed by lightning in the US. Two thirds of them had been enjoying outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, boating and playing sports. Followings are the number of death with activities: 30 people from fishing, 16 from camping, 14 from boating, 13 from being at beach, 12 from playing soccer and 8 from playing golf. I would like to introduce what you should do under lighting weather in particular for sports settings.

1. Make plans in Advance

-Plan who make decision to remove athletes from the field and how to summon it.

-Plan who monitor the local weather during the activities.

-Remember that lightning is most common afternoon to early evening.

2. What to do with lightening

-Postpone outdoor activities when a thunderstorm is notable.

-Identify a fully enclosed building or fully enclosed metal vehicle to evacuate when lightning begins. Ex. school building, library, school bus, car or van.

-Avoid evacuating to open structures. Ex. park, dugouts, concession stands, tents, or open garages.

3. Things Remember with Lightning 

-Stay away from water, elevated areas or under tall objects. Ex. shower, swimming pool including indoor, open water, trees, poles, or towers.

-Keep staying in indoor if you feel in danger.

-Wait to resume activities till 30min after the last strike of lighting and thunder.

4. Take care of victims

-Call EMS if someone injured from lightning.

-Move the victim to indoor.

-Remember that lighting victims are safe to touch. 

-Evaluate the airway, breathing and circulation and start CPR  if necessary. 

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