Do You Truly Enjoy What You Like to Do?



Do you truly enjoy what you like to do? For example, being active such as playing sports that you used to play like basketball, soccer or running, playing catch with your children or grandchildren, or walking around and shopping at a shopping mall. 

You may not truly enjoy them due to having pain in the knees, lower back or shoulders, or you may hesitate or give up to do them because of pain. You may say “I have tried some medications, therapies or exercises, but they did not help reducing pain”, “This is what it is” or “I am just old”. I am sure that you will truly enjoy what you like to do if you do not have pain. You will be happier and your life will be enjoyable if you can be active without pain. 

We will help you to achieve your goals. We offer personalized treatment and rehabilitation based upon assessing your body and finding actual causes of pain. The causes are occasionally located a way from pain sites. 

Combination of hands on therapies and therapeutic exercises is important to achieve your goals.

Hands on therapies help a lot to improve conditions that you have. However, we believe that pain relief will not last long with only receiving passive treatment for 60min in our clinic. Unfortunately, we do not have such magic to solve issues after one session. We utilize both manual therapies and therapeutic exercises to improve your conditions and body functions so that pain relief lasts longer. 

You need to do therapeutic exercises daily at home, outside of our clinic. You need to actively participate to our plans. You might feel that you are busy for working and do not have time to do exercises. However, you are in charge of this because it is your body. We will guide and help you as much as we can, but you are the one who actually do this. We emphasize this because we want you to experience again what you like to do without pain and to be happier in your daily life.

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