Why Therapeutic Exercises Is Important to Improve Athletic Performance?


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We talked a few weeks ago on the blog about therapeutic exercises reeducate the brain and restore proper muscle functions. If you have not read the post, please read it first. On this blog post, We will talk about why therapeutic exercises is important to improve athletic performance. 

You like weight lifting, functional training and playing sports. They make you move and sweat. They make you feel accomplishment and satisfaction. And, you feel good after that. This is common feeling with those intense physical activities. I definitely feel same way and I like it a lot. 

You want to improve performance as you continue training. You may train harder the same training or seek for different training methods. But, you may not see improvement that you want, or may have aches and pain in the body as continuing training. Yes, it is important to push yourself to the limit to move to the next level. However, sometimes you may need to stop and see if your body have solid foundation to do such complex intense physical activities.

Improving athletic performance is similar to construct a building. When you construct a building, the foundation is made first. The foundation is very important to build the construction up higher because the building will be collapsed without solid and good foundation.

Proper neuromuscular function is the foundation of movements. The body has to have good neuromuscular function to well perform the complex intense physical activities. It is because the proper neuromuscular function produces balanced muscle activities. It is difficult to lift heavy weight without balanced muscle activities. Specific sport skills will not be efficiently performed without proper neuromuscular function. You may be able to lift some heavy weight or to perform some difficult sports skills, but your performance will not be reached potential maximum because the body performs them with compensation due to lack of balanced muscle activities. Reducing physical compensation will improve athletic performance. The compensation produces excessive loading on muscles, tendons and joints, which will lead to aches, pain and injuries. 

Therapeutic exercises will reestablish proper neuromuscular function and balanced muscle activities. This will reduce compensation when physical demand is increased with intense physical activities. Since therapeutic exercises make the proper foundation, sport specific skills are built with intense training. Therefore, it is essential to do therapeutic exercises to improve athletic performance. 

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